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Yishay Mor yishaym at gmail.com
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to be fair, if you get any amount of support with the box, its worth your
I'm stuck with two Ubuntu laptops which won't boot (well, they boot windows
- just to make add insult). On one, I had a power failure mid-upgrade and
lost home, on the other someone tried re-partitioning with PratitionMagic,
and left me with grub err 17. I'm willing to pay way over $20 for someone to
fix them. And believe me, I've been to the forums.

2008/7/17 SteveM <stevem at sj-morris.co.uk>:

> alan c <aeclist at candt.waitrose.com> wrote:
> > I chose to purchase a retail boxed Suse from Amazon for (then) about
> > 60 uk pounds and was pleased with what I received. It included CDs,
> > DVD, two paperback manuals and 60 days support from Novell.
> I saw the boxed Suse in PCWorld and bought it out of curiosity. You
> cannot underestimate how useful those manuals were :-)
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