[ubuntu-uk] Need to convert dv files into vob files in kino

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Mon Jan 28 16:14:06 GMT 2008

Should also mention that things are likely to run faster if you use command
line interface as there won't be the overhead of updating a GUI.

The command line is rather like CSS, it's misrepresented by some folks and
then people don't try it because they assume they'll fail.  You don't have
to be in possession of an encyclopedic knowledge of Linux to click open a
terminal and type some commands... compiling from source is probably one of
the more daunting things and you may find it easier to install the thing
from Synaptic Package Manager rather than compiling as Alan suggests - that
said, I don't know whether Alan's suggestion relies on one of the options
that he says the repository version lacks...

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