[ubuntu-uk] ATI X700 status "not in use".

EricM eric1.meijer at prorail.nl
Thu Jan 24 12:18:52 GMT 2008

I'm new to Ubuntu and at the moment I'm dealing with major problems due to an
ATI X700 series Graphics card.

At first I encountered problems with the default installation CD. (AMD 64);
screen went black after starting CD. Finally I managed the install with the
"alternate install cd". (AMD 64)
However default booting the Linux system resulted in black screen.
So, booted in recovery mode (which is runlevel 1)
After manually adding Driver "vesa" in the section "Device" of the xorg.conf
file I managed to run the graphics mode after entering: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm

Still in this stage the default bootup resulted in a black screen.
With the restricted drivers manager I installed the graphics driver for the
ATI. The installation itself went fine: "Succesfully applied all

Default bootup was still not succesfull.

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