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Javad Ayaz javadayaz at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 08:25:34 GMT 2008

ok heres what happened since my last email.

I put both my files on my mp3 player to carry to work where i would mess
around with it on Windoze Movie maker. Then at 6.18 in the morning i rose to
find another email by a Robert McWilliam. I read what he wrote and seeing
how it was almost time for me to get up anyway (Id been dreaming of joining
files too).  So i read his instructions. Carefully going through his
instructions i found that the path i had put was not actually correct. So i
corrected it. and then i copied and pasted both command lines into terminal.
and behold there infront of me was the desired "joined" file.

Just wana say a BIG thank you to all who took the time out in helping me in

Thank you :)

On 21/01/2008, Robert McWilliam <rmcw at allmail.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 09:46:03PM +0000, Javad Ayaz wrote:
> > well
> > cd /media/sda5/Nuzhet shadi/mehndi edited/ cat mehndi1.vob mehndi2.vob >
> > mehndi_joined.vob
> >
> OK, quick command line primer. Each program you want to run should
> either be at the start of the line or be indicated in some other way
> that it is a program[1]. After the program name in a command line will
> come any arguments that you want to give the program, these should be
> separated by spaces. The fact that spaces separate arguments is one of
> the problems you've got as there is a space in the path you want to
> use as an argument. In this case you have to tell the shell that this
> space is part of a single argument not separating two. The easiest way
> to do this is to put double quotes round the argument.
> What you have mentioned above is actually two commands, did you run it
> as two commands or as one?
> 1st command (including fix for the space):
>    cd "/media/sda5/Nuzhet shadi/mehndi edited/"
> This will change the working directory to the path specified.
> 2nd command:
>    cat mehndil1.vob mehndi2.vob > mehndi_joined.vob
> This calls cat on the first two files, and redirects the output to
> mehndi_joined.vob. cat conCATenates multiple files together and
> outputs the results to the standard output. The > symbol redirects the
> standard output from the preceding command to somewhere else, in this
> case the file specified.
> > still resulted in nothing! :(
> I'm willing to bet money it didn't ;) It probably didn't do what was
> desired but telling us what did happen (Were there any error messages?
> What were they? Was the computer busy for a while? ...) makes it
> easier to figure out where things went wrong.
> All that being said importing the two files to whichever video editor
> you were using is probably an easier approach if you're not
> comfortable with the command line.
>            Robert
> [1] e.g. what follows a | symbol is another program, this means that
> the output of the command in front of the | is the input for the
> command following the |
> If that made no sense don't worry about it too much.
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