[ubuntu-uk] new mail notification in system tray?

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 14 18:02:51 GMT 2008

Adam Bagnall wrote:
> mail-notification supports gmail separately without going through pop3 
> or imap. If you want the tarball you can get it from 
> http://www.nongnu.org/mailnotify/
> sudo apt-get build-dep mail-notification      This will grab most of the 
> dependencies
> sudo apt-get install libssl-dev      This will grab the necessary files 
> to enable ssl support.
> then the usual ./configure && make followed by sudo make install
> You have to log out and back in again for it to work otherwise you get 
> an error message.
> Regards,
>     Adam.

Adam >>> Thanks for your advice.  I'm afraid I may not have been very 
clear, or may not be understanding what you mean when you say that mail 
notification supports gmail separately.  Perhaps I should explain my set up:

I have nine accounts set up in Thunderbird, and only three of them are 
gmail.  All nine accounts use pop3 (including the three gmail - I prefer 
to fetch them by pop3 rather than using the web site);  and only the 
gmail accounts need ssl.

If I follow your instructions above, will this enable mail-notification 
for all my accounts;  or will it work with just the gmail ones;  or just 
the non-gmail ones?

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick about this, but I'd rather get it right 
than make a mess that I have to unscramble later!

Thanks for your help


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