[ubuntu-uk] new mail notification in system tray?

Adam Bagnall ajb35 at kent.ac.uk
Sun Jan 13 12:55:52 GMT 2008

Mac wrote:
> Mac wrote:
>> Adam Bagnall wrote:
>>> I think mail-notification might be what you're after. It's in the 
>>> repositories. The only thing to watch out for is the repository version 
>>> doesn't have ssl support if you need it.
> Rats!  Just remembered my gmail pop3 uses ssl.  I'll try the repo 
> version to see if it works OK for me, then think about getting a tarball 
> elsewhere if it does.
> Thanks for warning me about this -- might not have spotted it, and then 
> spent ages trying to fix it when it didn't work!
> Mac
mail-notification supports gmail separately without going through pop3 
or imap. If you want the tarball you can get it from 

sudo apt-get build-dep mail-notification      This will grab most of the 

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev      This will grab the necessary files 
to enable ssl support.

then the usual ./configure && make followed by sudo make install

You have to log out and back in again for it to work otherwise you get 
an error message.


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