[ubuntu-uk] Init Level.

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Sun Jan 13 22:42:09 GMT 2008


Andrew Jenkins wrote:
> Is there a way to change the init level of Ubuntu?
> I used to use Mandriva and changed the init level in
> /etc/inittab to '3' instead of '5'.  This made the
> machine boot up into a bash terminal with no GUI
> invoked.  If you then wanted a GUI you simply ran it
> with the command 'startx'.  Often when I switch my
> laptop on I just want a terminal but have to go through
> all the logon and GUI to get there.

Ubuntu has the default init level set to 2. 1 is used for single user
mode which you get to if you select recovery mode from the grub menu.
That logs you in as root at the console. Hitting Ctrl-D will cause the
system to continue bootting fully.

I think setting the default init level to something other than 2 (it's
set in /etc/inittab) will require you to check which levels all the init
scripts are configured to start up. Could be messy.

Alternatively, you could just remove gdm (or kdm) from the starting up
by using the update-rc.d command. Check the man page for details.

More simply you could just hit Control-Alt-F1 after you've booted to
switch to a virtual console.

Just my thoughts!

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