[ubuntu-uk] PCI ADSL modem on Linux

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Tue Jan 8 21:53:14 GMT 2008

Tom Bamford wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone know of a PCI ADSL modem that works well with Ubuntu? I have 
> three of them at home (Nokia, Zoom and an unbranded Conexant-based one) 
> and none of them seem to work in Linux. If I could find one that works 
> I'd have my Ubuntu box run my entire network, including being my 
> wireless access point, but I'm stuck with using a standalone unit 
> supplied by my ISP. I'm not fond of USB models, even though I've got my 
> SpeedTouch 330 USB to work I like to have everything inside the box (I 
> know I could rig up a usb modem internally but it's too much like hard 
> work for a bodge job).

Hello, Tom.

I bought a BeWAN PCI ADSL modem from the now defunct "linuxdsl.co.uk", 
who promoted it as 'the' PCI ADSL modem for Linux:


It does work very well, but I don't use it now because I've got a BT 
Home Hub :-)

You're welcome to have my BeWAN modem FOC if you pay the postage. Please 
contact me off-list and give me your postal address if you want it.

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