[ubuntu-uk] PCI ADSL modem on Linux

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Jan 8 18:39:44 GMT 2008

Tom Bamford wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone know of a PCI ADSL modem that works well with Ubuntu? I have 
> three of them at home (Nokia, Zoom and an unbranded Conexant-based one) 
> and none of them seem to work in Linux. If I could find one that works 
> I'd have my Ubuntu box run my entire network, including being my 
> wireless access point, but I'm stuck with using a standalone unit 
> supplied by my ISP. I'm not fond of USB models, even though I've got my 
> SpeedTouch 330 USB to work I like to have everything inside the box (I 
> know I could rig up a usb modem internally but it's too much like hard 
> work for a bodge job).
> I've also been searching for a half decent PSTN modem as well, and a few 
> weeks ago I found a MultiTech MultiModem ZBA which I have to say is a 
> superb piece of kit that works extremely well in Linux. Just passing on 
> my knowledge on the off chance someone finds it useful!
> Regards,
> Tom

Although I don't know of a specific model (I use an ADSL Router), doing 
a quick Google search suggests that the PCI ADSL modems with the 
Connexant chipset appear to work.  One link too me to an Amazon seller 
who were selling Dynamode cards for about £15.  I'm sure I've seen a 
couple of eBuyer.com too although I can't seem to get onto their site at 
the moment.

This post might be of help, it suggests a couple of modems to try...



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