[ubuntu-uk] DVD

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Jan 8 18:47:52 GMT 2008

davisjo wrote:
> Many thanks for the posts on DVD software.
> I have tried the DeVeDe software in all it's guises and when I do a 
> preview, the sound is totally distorted. So much so, that it is not 
> worth transcoding the film.
> Has anyone dragged a film off Ubuntu and used some other software, i.e 
> Nero and recoded with any success ?
> Many thanks
> John

You might find that your DVD player supports NTSC (especially if it can 
output RGB).  I'd guess that any DVDs you burn would be region 0 so they 
would play on any player.

I converted a WMV video to DVD using ffmpeg I think.  You might want to 
have a look at a combination of avidemux to turn the file into an MPEG2 
video, and then dvdauthor (I think there is a gui called kdvdauthor) to 
convert the MPEG2 video into a DVD.

Other than that, someone on the AfterDark forums suggested DVD Flick 
although being a Windows program it's hit and miss if it'll work with 
Wine.  DVD Flick it is Open Source supposedly though.


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