[ubuntu-uk] df and du give different results

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Thu Jan 3 15:44:42 GMT 2008

Concentrate on the DF's results. I can't remember the syntax but you can 
grep for file sizes.
Start with files over 50M and work downwards.
I have this trouble with my MythTV box occasionally, it usually a log 
file that explodes in size before the log rotates have time to remove it...


Chris Rowson wrote:
> It's been hours now, and I'm totally and utterly stumped.
> I've used lsof to check whether or not there are any deleted files
> still sitting around taking up space, I've run an fsck, rebooted the
> server and deleted some logs, but there is still a very large chunk of
> hard disk space missing.
> If I've rebooted the server, surely I should have terminated any
> processes that had grabbed onto a file keeping it open, and surely
> lsof would have seen any deleted ones hanging about wouldn't it? (I
> grepped for DEL and deleted).
> The server is a LAMP server running the Gallery2 software and it's
> been up for months. I've Googled the answer to this until my eyes are
> raw.
> Things shouldn't be this difficult.
> Chris

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