[ubuntu-uk] df and du give different results

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 15:05:28 GMT 2008

> Chris
> Have a poke around for hidden ".trash" folders, particularly on mounted
> media such as USB/Firewire hard drives. I have found that Ubuntu has a habit
> of creating these on such volumes and they do not appear to get emptied by
> the usual processes. I have often thought I had deleted files then realised
> that my disc space had not increased as a result, it was always a hidden
> trash file that was the culprit. Manually deleting the files from the trash
> files usually gets rid of them.
> It may be the large volume you have at /media? that is hiding such a file.
> I'm not sure why that "hidden" data wiuld not be seen by df and du though?
> Stu

Hi Stu,

The volume at media is a Windows based NTFS NAS appliance. It's stored
in another building and we use it to back up to. I'm not too bothered
with the disk usage on that itself, it's more the local drive on the
web server which is making me want to stab my own eyes out at the
mo!!! :-p

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier on, the Ubuntu web server is a virtual
server running on VMware. I don't suppose that should make any real
difference though....

I'd have thought du would show the file if it was just hidden though
wouldn't it ?


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