[ubuntu-uk] Broadband

les Les at lescunningham.orangehome.co.uk
Fri Feb 29 21:26:20 GMT 2008

Thanks for the replies to my query.

It does seem that BT should be avoided like the plague, according to The 
Register (www.theregister.co.uk)

Apparently they are planning to relay all the http web pages their 
customers view to servers in China, run by a Phorm, a company with a 
history of using spyware and with dodgy Russian connections, to allow 
targeted advertising. Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse are doing the 
same. While it will be possible to opt out of targeted ads, it looks as 
though it will not be possible to opt out of the redirection of the web 
pages. Although Phorm claim that all the data will be anonymised, that 
they will not look at https pages and that numbers longer than 3 digits 
will be ignored, it seems obvious that there is a potential for identity 
theft, as well as a major breach of privacy.


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