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Wed Feb 27 18:38:17 GMT 2008

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I've been listening to the BIG GREEN IT DEBATE on the register.. and
although it's no where nearly finished (more or less just started)..
there's already one point I'd love us to discuss.

One of the things that comes up when discussing 'Green motors' is what
I'd like to introduce as the Land Rover paradox.

"70% of all Land Rovers ever made are still on the road."

Once you take into account the energy required throughout the life of a
car, including assembly and destruction - are Land Rovers actually that
bad for the environment.

IMHO, ubuntu may fit into the Land Rover, rather than Toyota Prius
category, for a number of reasons.

1) Power Management - where are we at with ubuntu at the moment?  My
perception (this will/may be wrong) is that much of the onboard power
management is managed through propreitary code, therefore ubuntu
performs worse that XP.. par example (but much better than Vista.. on a

2) Re-use.  Ubuntu saves having to re-buy PCs... However, if the
efficiency of the new PC means that it'll use less energy, surely
there's an argument that upgrading the hardware is more environmentally
efficient  - we need some better data to support the ubuntu approach (if
there is indeed one).

3) Linux versus MS.  Is there anything to suggest that linux boxes are
more power efficient.  This doesn't have to be at a hardware/software
level either.  More about policy and application.  Linux boxes don't
crash, so we never shut them down.. meaning they're never off.  Discuss.

I'm coming in at a tangent, but would be interested to hear other
people's perceptions of the 'Green-ness' of ubuntu - and some input from
people who can give hard facts on the performance of ubuntu power


Andy Loughran
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