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andy andy at zrmt.com
Mon Feb 25 16:22:24 GMT 2008

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Rob Beard wrote:
> Quoting andy <andy at zrmt.com>:
>> I just thought I'd give a heads up on Remote Desktop.  A
>> Manchester-based company are going to release their remote desktop
>> connection software on ubuntu.  It's already got mac and windows clients
>> in BETA - and they're currently working on the installer for ubuntu.
>> This should be released soon.
> Interesting, it it Open Source or Proprietory?
> Rob

They are proprietary, but...

- From their site:

Business model

When we say free we mean free. The only thing that will cost you money
is dialling our voice conferencing service, but even that is cheap (its
90% cheaper than BT over the UK for example). We have some cool new
features coming out soon that we'll ask you to pay some money for if you
really want them, but what you are using now will always be free. So enjoy!
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