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Tom Bamford tom at tombamford.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 01:08:37 GMT 2008

Hi Caroline,

Whilst attempting to connect to the network, I'd recommend tailing your
syslog for related messages as it often helps in diagnosing which part of
the connection fails. The System Log application under System >
Administration is good for this as you can watch all your logs at once.

I'd had problems with drivers where the card fails to set variables such as
the channel or encryption key, other times with cards that do not associate
quickly enough to beat the timeout. Sometimes a card will take a bit longer
to get traffic going and the DHCP request will time out first time round, if
this is the case you can re-run it by launching dhclient from a terminal.

Network Manager will forget a key and ask you for it again if you fail to
connect to a network the first time round, even if the problem isn't
specifically an incorrect key.



On 23/02/2008, London School of Puppetry <lspinfo at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have an old Dell with linux.(Ubuntu) Usually I have no problem with
> wirelass connection but working with a colleague who has Netgear it is
> proving a puzzle.  There is a passphrase, but the system does not recognise
> it. I have tried connecting up my laptop with the router using a lead- and
> it actually worked for a day (and stopped asking me for the phrase) then
> after being away- when I returned and reconnected via the lead it has gone
> back to its old habits and does not recognise the laptop at all.
> Caroline
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