[ubuntu-uk] Broadband

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Feb 23 22:11:08 GMT 2008

les wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry if I am asking a rather basic question - I think I sort of know 
> the answer to this one but would like to be sure.
> A friend is intending to use my old computer (dual boot with Ubuntu and 
> Windows ME, 450 MHz, 256 GB RAM, 2 USB ports but no ethernet) for modest 
> internet access. I have managed to persuade him that it is safer to use 
> only Ubuntu for the internet, and I have provided a Thomson/Alcatel 
> Speedtouch modem, for which I have Linux drivers, for use in the 
> meantime. However, he may get a laptop at some point, in which case a 
> wireless router might be useful. Has anyone any suggestions as to which 
> ISP's are most suitable and Linux friendly? One constraint is that it 
> would be best if the broadband contract does not affect the way in which 
> phone calls are billed, as he will be using someone else's phone line 
> (with their consent).
> He has been looking at BT and Orange, but has anyone any comments on 
> PlusNet?
> Les.

I'm not sure what Plusnet are like now, I used them about 5 years ago 
and they were okay.

If you want a Linux friendly ISP, why not try the UKFSN 
(http://www.ukfsn.org/) as they're a Linux friendly ISP, they even go as 
far as funding Free Software with their profits.

Prices start from about £16 for about an 8MBit connection with 3GB peak 
and 30GB off peak usage allowance and about £20 for 30Gb peak and 300GB 
off peak.  Peak hours are from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and off-peak 
is from 10pm on Friday to 8am on Monday.

He'd be responsible for the activation charge (about £47) and monthly 
fee, it's separately billed to the main phone bill.


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