[ubuntu-uk] Google Funds Work for Photoshop on Linux

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Fri Feb 22 04:59:34 GMT 2008

On 2/22/08, Paul Tansom <paul at aptanet.com> wrote:

> ** Jai Harrison <jai at jaiharrison.com> [2008-02-20 23:08]:
> > I disagree. The GIMP has a difficult user interface. Photoshop was
> > extremely easy to learn to use where as I've never managed to get
> > anywhere with GIMP. The way it is now whenever I need a photo edited
> > or an image created/modified I ask a Windows/Photoshop user to do the
> > task for me - that's definitely not the intended result.
> ** end quote [Jai Harrison]
> Personally I've always been quite happy with GIMP. When I first started
> using it there was a small culture shock from not having a menu bar
> across the top, but it took a matter of minutes to get used to that. I'm
> no power user though.

I think Jai is being extremely harsh... there are positives and negatives
about the way that GIMP presents itself, but on aggregate (for me at least)
it makes very little difference... if anything, I'd say that having used it
for several years now I probably prefer the GIMP presentation to that of,
say, Photoshop as it empowers me to put each window/image/toolbox etc. where
I want it rather than where the software says I must.

> The combination of price tag and an unwillingness to use pirated
> software mean I've never even seen Photoshop, and it doesn't even figure
> in my top 100 apps I'd like to see ported to Linux :) I've no idea how
> representative Elements is of the Photoshop UI (likely not at all), but
> I'm not a big fan of that from using it on my parents PC.

There is a customised version of GIMP called "Gimpshop" which, I am told,
brings the product much closer to the Photoshop look/feel... the website
implies that in terms of the multiple windows vs. single windows debate that
is resolved for only Windows users (deweirdify or something), so it might be
worth Jai considering running Gimpshop under wine, perhaps?

> Perhaps I'm just atypical when it comes to software. So many people
> consider Dreamweaver the ultimate web development package, but from what
> little I've seen of it I'd actively avoid it, and I've not been
> enthusiastic about what little experience I've had of Contribute.

I was trying to help somebody design a website on Wednesday, who was using
Dreamweaver, and I must admit it brought back nightmares and reinforced my
view that the best "WYSIWYG" for web development is a plain tried and tested
text editor (vi, emacs or whatever) used in combinatin with a couple of open
browsers... ;-)

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