[ubuntu-uk] Google Funds Work for Photoshop on Linux

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 23:49:18 GMT 2008

>  > By design, WINE is complete when it can replicate and translate all of windows
>  > programming system signals. By doing this, google will make the entire WINE
>  > base a bit more stable, rather than less, which means this will probably help
>  > many more programs become more compatible than just Photoshop.
>  Very true, but Windows is a moving target.  WINE needs constant work to follow
>  that so I appreciate any help they get.
>  However the more closed source applications that can be replaced with full
>  featured and complete open source applications the better for everyone.
>  In an ideal world, we wouldn't need WINE at all.  But the reality is many people
>  do.
>   -Gav

I think that when any business is willing to put money into making
Linux more compatible with mainstream software like photoshop then we
can only say thanks and give them our support.


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