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Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Wed Feb 20 16:56:19 GMT 2008

London School of Puppetry wrote:
> you all- but was it the Christians who thought up using the word 
> Ubuntu?  I ask because I noticed in the local church rag- they had a 
> whole sermonette using Ubuntu (the south african word) as the central idea.

You're confusing several different things.

"Ubuntu philosophy" is an African tribal philosophy concerning a number 
of subjects including community and respect for others. It predates the 
European invasions of sub-Saharan Africa by many centuries and is not 
related to Christianity. A number of Anglican priests have adopted this 
philosophy in order to ingratiate the Anglican church with huge African 
populations, in the same way that the Roman church picked the 25th of 
December to celebrate Christmas, in order to ingratiate themselves with 
their huge Pagan populations who liked to celebrate Winter Solstice (the 
exact birthdate of Jesus is not known, however it is known that Romans 
did not conduct censuses during the winter, and that Jesus was born 
during a Roman census, ergo Jesus was not born in winter).

"Ubuntu Linux", also known as "Ubuntu GNU/Linux", is an open source 
computer operating system based on the Linux kernel and GNU toolset, 
funded by a South African millionaire. It is named after the African 
philosophy, as a reference to its open source roots.

"Ubuntu Christian Edition" is a customisation of Ubuntu Linux which adds 
Christian related imagery and Christian related programs such as a Bible 

"Ubuntu Satanic Edition" is a customisation of Ubuntu Linux which adds 
imagery related to Heavy Metal popular music and the Horror film genre. 
To the best of my knowledge it contains no Satanic religious material 
other than a few phrases which have entered popular culture (in any 
case, modern Satanism is mainly about self-empowerment and personal 
fulfilment, having little to do with criminal behaviour or the 

Andrew Oakley

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