[ubuntu-uk] ONE laptop

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Tue Feb 19 19:57:02 GMT 2008

> IMHO compared to the eee they look _awful_. Looks like it would be top heavy 
> having all the gubbins in the screen (given it _is_ an digital picture frame 
> with a keyboard attached). I can't imagine it would be ergonomically 
> pleasant to use on anything other than a flat table. Given it has a "brace" 
> (as you'd get with a picture frame), and _all_ the weight is in the screen, 
> I can't see it standing up on its own without that brace.
> Also having the wired net connection come into the device half way up the 
> screen just looks like a recipie for a strained connector resulting in rapid 
> deterioration.   
I completely agree, however, as a £99, very lower power,  x86 PC to run 
IPCop on, it's making me grin already...

Main points -
USB port to plug in a USB adsl modem - Check...
Wired ethernet port to connect to a network switch - Check...
Onboard 54G wireless to WPA connect to the laptop - Check...
Plug in a USB wireless dongle for a crippled WEP connection for the kids 
Nintendo DS's - Check...

Bonus points include -
The thing is tiny (around the size of my adsl router)
Very low power
No Hard drive
7" monitor :) built in
No fans - no noise.


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