[ubuntu-uk] Mobile internet proxy

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 12:00:00 GMT 2008

> > Ive just tried to access mowser.com using my three mobile phone and
> > got a site blocked message. After querying this with three tech
> > support, the chaps says:
> >
> > Three filters web content using an internet watch foundation blocklist
> > and so if the website is on the list you are not allowed to access it.
> >
> > Although I understand why a proxy like mowser.com would be on the
> > list, its besides the point. This is absolutely bloomin' ridiculous!
> > How on earth can mobile internet companies get away with content
> > filtering?
> I dont understand why mowser.com should be on the IWF list. Their list
> contains URLs of sites known to contain material relating to child
> sexual abuse and mowser.com appears to be a proxy!
> You could complain to the IWF!
> BTW, I have no problem with anyone blocking access to such sites,
> providing it is accurate!
> Regards,
> Tony.

Hi Tony,

It'll be on the IWF list because mowser would allow someone to access
an inappropriate site through in this manner.

I just don't think it's three's job to police the internet however...



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