[ubuntu-uk] Mobile internet proxy

Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 00:12:44 GMT 2008

I'm not quite sure if this comes under 'off-topic' or not. If it does,
I apologise in advance and please feel free to slap my writes!

I've been pondering upon the possibility of setting up a vps as a
mobile internet proxy.

It would be good to add image transcoding (to reduce the size of
images on the fly before serving to mobile internet) and also on the
fly gzip content encoding compression to reduce the size of html etc.

Has anyone come across this before in practice? I've hunted around
google for info, and although I've found this squid patch ->
http://devel.squid-cache.org/gzip/ for the gzip stuff I don't know how
well it's implemented (in cvs only by the look of it) and I can't seem
to find anything on image transcoding.

If anyone has any info I'm all ears :-)


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