[ubuntu-uk] 'The One': new low-priced laptop with linux inside

Clare Shepherd clareeshepherd at mac.com
Mon Feb 18 12:54:32 GMT 2008

On 18 Feb 2008, at 12:00, ubuntu-uk-request at lists.ubuntu.com wrote:

> ...of course, what we're talking here is OS-X, an OS that is  
> completely
> different... and, imho, very hard to use compared to the other two.

Having used all three systems, I'm amazed at this remark. An OS is an  
OS. How different can they be. I have a MacBook. It took me an hour  
to get into using the coloured buttons instead of the usual cross  
etc. What is so hard to remember in replacing the CTL with the Apple  
logo key?



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