[ubuntu-uk] Bottom Screen Bar

John Taylor john.68taylor at btinternet.com
Sun Feb 17 16:52:06 GMT 2008

Wulfy wrote:
> John Taylor wrote:
>> Thanks for info...have tried your suggestion but it doesn't do what I 
>> want (at least on my machine)...... a simple example is the MPPLAYER 
>> (Gnome) ....I activate it, produce music, minimize at which moment it 
>> disappears like a ferret down a drainpipe but the only way I can switch 
>> off the station is to reboot!
>> John
> I use Kubuntu, not Ubuntu so this may not work for you.  I got rid of 
> the taskbar ages ago, as it just took up real estate on my kicker 
> panel.  Now, when I have something minimised (or behind a maximised 
> window) I just do an <Alt><Tab> and get a window list on the current 
> desktop.  That will bring back the "lost" window...
Thanks chaps all ideas and variations on the theme work, sorry for delay 
in acknowledgement


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