[ubuntu-uk] [OT] - MS XP Pro OEM CD - How?

Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Sat Feb 16 04:59:30 GMT 2008

> download and install this anyway unless you have a valid unique license
> key, MS product activation will see to it that your system completely
> disables itself if you run unlicensed for over 30 days.

I haven't actually seen this behaviour of late in XP, I suspect they've
switched it off (better things to do - Vista etc.) - I had to rebuild a
machine a few months back and there was very little left of the original
hardware (a hard drive, basically) yet I was never asked to activate and it
is still running fine.

In terms of sharing distribution media, whilst technically it might be
"piracy" as long as you have a key that is yours and not shared I can't
really get excited about it... if an OEM vendor didn't actually supply an
installation disk then it's inevitable that users will borrow or copy
others' CDs... in terms of what is being done I don't see receiving an ISO
across the ethers as particularly different to going to your neighbour and
saying "can I borrow your Windows installation CD, please, I've lost mine",
whatever Micro$oft's wording might say.

Yes, it's technically wrong... but in the morning if we're all still alive
I'll be happy.  Life is too short...

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