[ubuntu-uk] Dual monitors with independent desktops

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Feb 15 18:27:41 GMT 2008

Ian Pascoe wrote:
> Rob
> If I get your drift, you don't actually want an extended desktop, but two
> seperate window managers working on seperate monitors?
> If so, have a look at the front page of last week's Linux Weekly News about
> the extension to the X environment to handle multiple devices - is that what
> you were aiming at or the extended desktop?
> E

It was two separate window managers.  Basically we've got a new LCD 
telly (we won it in a competition, rather nice but unplanned surprise!) 
and I don't have any powerful enough spare bits to run MythTV for high 
definition video, but I have a dual core PC (my desktop) sitting within 
a cable's reach of where the TV will go, so I thought it would be ideal 
if I could run videos on the PC on the second DVI output on my video card.

Would be great if anyone could suggest a frontend for just playing 
videos and music (rather than a complete MythTV install?).


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