[ubuntu-uk] [OT] - MS XP Pro OEM CD - How?

Tom Bamford tom at entrepreneuria.co.uk
Fri Feb 15 13:52:46 GMT 2008

Eddie Armstrong wrote:
> Sorry to ask MS stuff here but I have been trying for days to find an 
> answer to this and hope some of you may be able to help.
> I have been given two old PCs with MS XP Pro SP2 installed and licence 
> OEM sticker on the sides and would like to re-install clean XP Pro and 
> dual boot Ubuntu.
>  From what I have been able to decode from MS licence agreement by 
> upgrading  these machines I am legally entitled to OEM status.  Is this 
> true?
> I also understand that any OEM XP Pro SP2 disc will do?
> However I have no OEM disc , Amazon sell a new one for £84 but I already 
> have licences that go with the machines.
> Does anybody know where I can obtain a OEM disc, cheap?
> Obviously I want this to be legal so users of the PC can use  XP or 
> Ubuntu legally.
> Any help appreciated.
> Eddie

Hi Eddie,

You're right, any OEM install disc will do as long as you have valid
license stickers/serial numbers. I use a mastered ISO which has every
version of XP in both OEM and retail flavours on the one CD. One of
these should do the job:


If your serial keys are valid and you aren't cloning them onto more than
one machine each, you should be perfectly legal and be able to get
through MS phone-home validation no problem. I've had to call up the
automatic helpline many times but it always validates you in the end.

If you're doing dual boot, I recommend pre-partitioning your system with
an Ubuntu live CD, then installing XP, then installing Ubuntu. If you do
it in this order the configuration of grub will be done for you by the
Ubuntu installer.

Hope this helps,

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