[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Server - sys req?

Matthew Daubney daubers at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 14:45:45 GMT 2008

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Rob Beard wrote:
> Matthew Daubney wrote:
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>> Rob Beard wrote:
>>> Eddie Armstrong wrote:
>>>> Rob Beard wrote:
>>>>> Not sure if you'd need the 32MB card, does it have on-board video?
>>>> Not AFAIK it spare anyway it seems it might be useful
>>> Maybe.  If it's anything like the old Dell machines we have at work 
>>> (OptiPlex GX100/GX110 machines) the on-board video will cover most if 
>>> not all tasks.  An extra video card could maybe give you dual head.  My 
>>> server is running a 2 meg S3 PCI video card and it sits in the loft.  I 
>>> have an old 14" CRT monitor attached which rarely gets used.  Most of 
>>> the time the server just runs.
>> <snip>
>> Is your loft converted? If not do you have problems with dust? or heat
>> in the summers? (thinking ahead to the point where me and the missus get
>> a place in a couple of years and have no space for my server/office/work
>> room)
> It does get fairly warm in the summer but the server has been working 
> okay.  I installed a couple of fast noisy large fans blowing on the hard 
> drives to keep it cool which I can barely hear.
> If you could afford it, maybe a MiniITX system might be an idea if you 
> have a lack of space?
> Rob

I've got an old laptop doing the job at the minute, but I'm always
concerned about laptops, heat and dust. I might just buy a cheap case
and some fans and try and fit the laptop guts into that when the time

Thanks for the info though,

- -Matt Daubney
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