[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Server - sys req?

Eddie Armstrong eddie_armstrong at ntlworld.com
Mon Feb 11 19:59:23 GMT 2008

Rob Beard wrote:
> Not sure if you'd need the 32MB card, does it have on-board video?
Not AFAIK it spare anyway it seems it might be useful
> Are you going to run software raid on the hard drives?  I
Not at first maybe get something later
> Do you need to run FLAC streams?
Oh Yes - this is my one (?) weakness! Must be CD quality :-)
>  AFAIK FLAC is more CPU hungry when  
> compressing audio.  O
But will compress/uncompress take place on the desktop/player or server?
i am worried about streaming 2 audio streams and maybe ordinary file 
transfer and general use by 2 users at home.
Where are the bottlenecks - can one drive cope with data throughput?
>  It also runs  
> VMWare Server which runs another server installation which does my  
> e-mails (so it's basically two machines in one).  A
Don't give me ideas :-)
>   I take it Apache isn't going to be heavily used  
> if it's for testing?
No, 2 users- domestic use for server, Apache for testing - maybe small 
databases later.
Most heavy use will be for music while I work

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