[ubuntu-uk] Anyway of downloading Iplayer?

LeeGroups mailgroups at varga.co.uk
Fri Feb 8 16:50:54 GMT 2008

> In my view MythTV is still a bit of a dark art - I've never managed to
> get it to work to this day. I have a Nebula digital TV PCI card in my
> machine, and it works "out of the box" with Kaffeine (running under
> Gnome btw), as do many of the other popular cards.
MythTV a dark art! LOL

It used to be,  even with all-in-one installers like KnoppMyth...
I spent about two months, working a few hours an evening getting 
everything to work reliably...

That said, now it works - it's great, even the automatic power downs and 
wake ups seem to be working now...

That said, now it's working it's about 18 month out of date, and getting 
close to the time where it could do with an fresh install of MythBuntu...
Though hopefully that should be up and running in an afternoon rather 
than two months...

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