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Andrew Oakley andrew at aoakley.com
Fri Feb 8 14:04:44 GMT 2008

John Levin wrote:
> London School of Puppetry wrote:
>> who is who.  However, can anyone give me information about how to 
>> organise mailing lists so that this does not happen. I use googlemail.
> Given that you have a website, but no sign up form that I can see, I'd 
> recommend installing a mailing list there, or seeing if your webhost 
> provides such facilities.
> I like:
> Dadamail http://mojo.skazat.com/
> PHPList http://www.phplist.com/
> Both full of FLOSS goodness, as well as getting the job done.

Second both of those, and also see if you or your hosting provider can 
install GNU MailMan.


This is available to install from apt-get/Synaptic on any Ubuntu server.

Failing all of those, Yahoo Groups is one of the better free web-based 
mailing list managers, and certainly VERY easy to use. Although 
Microsoft have tried and so far failed to buy it out, right now Yahoo 
Groups runs Linux's friendly cousin, FreeBSD.


One that I'd steer clear of, these days, is Majordomo. Although this was 
very popular and heavily supported in the 1990s, it is now thoroughly 
out-of-date and may be difficult to integrate with more recent mail servers.

Andrew Oakley

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