[ubuntu-uk] External drive.... Grrr

Andy Watts g7mjv at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 7 10:40:56 GMT 2008

Hi Tom

l will try a different drive later. The one l'm trying to use is a small
Hitachi 2.5" drive which is a few years old although l do have a brand
new 80gig maxtor that l could try.

The USB caddy works with XP on my wife's machine although not with Win
2K pro.

GParted tells me: mount_point cannot contain the following characters:
newline, G_DIR_SEPERATOR (usually /)


On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 19:41 +0000, Tom Bamford wrote:

> Hi,
> It looks similar to messages generated on machines I've had problems 
> with USB. If you have another drive to test, can you tell if it's just 
> that device with a problem or all USB storage devices you try to use? Is 
> it an optical drive you're trying with?
> Tom

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