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Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Wed Feb 6 09:03:18 GMT 2008

On 2/5/08, Ronnie Tucker <ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk> wrote:
> Not sure about now-a-days but they used to give you a crap username that
> was part of your name (initials I think) and part of your postcode, and
> the password was something like '1234'. The only way to create a new
> (decent) username (or to change the password) was through their crappy
> browser thing...

One thing one should never do, imho, is use ISP e-mail anyway so the
username is irrelevant.

There are plenty of options for e-mail independent of AOL; if one doesn't
wish to register one's own domain (as you and I have clearly both done) then
Gmail is a good option (with its POP3/IMAP interfaces if desired) or any of
countless e-mail providers.

But people must be aware that if they are even considering that they might
change ISP when their contract runs out the last thing they need is 100
people who are expecting to get to them via seanmiller77 at aol.com or whatever
that have to be informed of a "change of address", which will probably be
ignored anyway... grief that is simply not needed.

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