[ubuntu-uk] Fiddling with System

Andrew Ball aball at students.prairiestate.edu
Mon Aug 18 15:02:02 BST 2008

Hello Rob,

  RB> I also tried this and I could get as far as getting
    > things like mplayer working by specifying which
    > desktop to use but I wasn't able to get independent
    > mouse/keyboard control on that desktop using a USB
    > mouse & keyboard.

    If you have a VNC server instance running on the desktop
that you're trying to control, x2vnc might work.  My wife's
PC used to sit next to mine and every now and again I'd drag
my mouse pointer off the left-hand edge of my screen, onto
hers and start moving her windows around.  Perhaps you can
imagine how popular that made me.  :-)

Hope this helps,
  - Andy Ball

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