[ubuntu-uk] UKTeam parts exchange proposal

Philip Wyett philwyett at gmx.com
Mon Aug 18 12:46:14 BST 2008

Hi all,

Having a bit of a clear out of smaller PC hardware... I thought better
than throwing things away, could I offer good working components for
other UKTeam members who may make good use of it?

Thanks to Ging for the initial idea of using the team wiki for parts
exchange! :-)

I would like to propose such a section where essentially:

* Listing hardware.

Person offering hardware will list hardware with as detailed spec as
possible and a contact email address.

Note: The wiki will have a column that will show if the hardware is
available or not. Page mock-up to follow in next 48 hours.

* Requesting a listed item.

A UK Team member will request a piece of available hardware by email to
the person offering.

* Confirmation of allocation and sending items.

The offering person will allocate (on a first come first served basis)
and notify a user by email if they are to be sent a piece of requested

The requester will supply a UK mailing address for the hardware by

Note: Be aware you will have peoples private data. Please show due
respect when storing and handling it!

The offering person upon receipt of an address shall send the item and
mark the item on the wiki as allocated/sent.

Postage costs shall be paid by the offering person and no request for
postage costs or other money shall be made to the recipient!

* Receipt of item.

The recipient shall mark the wiki for that item as received when they
get the hardware.

* Warranty.

No sent item will have warranty or a guarantee to work. No communication
shall be entered into directly with the sender about working or non
working state of items. Any support requests should be made through
normal channels i.e. mailing lists, IRC etc.

* Primary contact.

I am willing to be a primary contact via email for this project, but all
emails should have the subject 'UKTeam parts exchange. Look I get a few
thousand emails a day and if not marked maybe missed or a delay may

Feedback welcome. :-)

P.S. CC me for discussion on list for the moment on this subject as I am
having a bad delay in getting list email from Ubuntu at the moment. :-(


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