[ubuntu-uk] Norm's complaint

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 6 14:38:23 BST 2008

David Futcher wrote:
> I saw the bug , but noticed it has been set to "Incomplete"... What I
> didnt notice is that the last commenter (and the person who set it to
> Incomplete) is Martin Pitt, the packages maintainer, so we dont need
> to go and annoy him on IRC :)
> Unfortunately it looks like its pretty difficult to reproduce, so it
> might take a while to get fixed.

Thanks for clarifying this.  I did get the impression that not everyone 
is affected:  it seems mostly to affect folk who - like me :(  - have 
upgraded Ubuntu over a number of versions, and are upgrading from the 
latest Gutsy to Hardy, i.e. from kernel 2.6.22-15.  So I've carefully 
printed off all the fixes mentioned in the bug report in case I do 
decide to upgrade, though I'm now wondering whether to bother.  If it 
does get fixed, how might we know when it has been?  (Apart from trying 
an upgrade and holding our breath?!?)

BTW, has anyone else here hit this problem with the upgrade from Gutsy 
(but 2.6.22-15 rather than 2.6.22-14) hanging at nearly the end of the 
process while setting locales?


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