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Javad Ayaz javadayaz at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 13:46:00 BST 2008

Just so that everyone knows....i got the forementioned idea from this


On 29/04/2008, Robert McWilliam <rmcw at allmail.net> wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 03:36:24PM +0100, Javad Ayaz wrote:
> > but this is what i said....maybe ubuntu can come with something does
> exactly
> > that...an option when selected switches off everything else..and 1% off
> > power goes towards maintaing those torrents!!!
> You can't do that on a normal desktop. You need hardware capable of
> scaling back the power usage, or hardware designed for low power. The
> power scaling is mostly just used in mobile devices as it uses up chip
> area that most people prefer to dedicate to running stuff a bit faster
> when they're plugged into the mains.
> Where the hardware supports it Ubuntu usually does take advantage of
> low power facilities already, but in current computers there isn't a
> great deal of hardware support for cutting back power usage (laptops
> are a lot better than desktops but they still burn a lot of power even
> in the lowest of their running states[1]).
> What you're after isn't really something that Ubuntu can provide: it
> needs different hardware, and Ubuntu is a software distribution. The
> software is there now for you to get your hands on a low power
> machine and use that to download torrents, Alan has explained one
> way of doing it (which is remarkably similar to my own approach, right
> down to using an old Dell Optiplex). If you want to substitute a GUI
> torrent client for the CLI one that is possible but running a GUI
> pushes up the minimum spec for the machine.
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