[ubuntu-uk] possible to install ubuntu like gentoo?

andylockran andy at zrmt.com
Thu Apr 17 14:18:31 BST 2008

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matt at mattjones.me.uk wrote:
> Are you sure this isn't a hardware issue? Could it be overheating/a 
> drive DOA? What components are you using, as there may be issues 
> relating to drivers that are causing the instability.
> As to the Installing Ubuntu like Gentoo thing I have absolutely no 
> idea, but I suspect not.
> Mj
> Quoting Farran <fazzy.baboon at ntlworld.com>:
>> hi everyone
>>> been having LOTS of issues with my newly built pc - runs smoothly most
>>> of the time, but does really random things: freezes for no reason,
>>> compiz dying for no visible reason etc, and it's taken to booting up
>>> in just under 10 minutes if I'm lucky. 4-core processor, 2GB ram, 1GB
>>> graphics memory etc - not something I'd expect to happen on a system
>>> of that spec. Or am I just being naive and expecting too much? :P
>>> Anyway, I was wondering if it's possible to install ubuntu from
>>> source, like you would with gentoo (I think that's right), where every
>>> package installs itself to work with your hardware perfectly... or
>>> does that completely defy the idea of ubuntu?
>>> Thanks :D
>>> ===============================
>>> Farran Lee
>>> I'm only 15 :P
Your best bet would probably be to installer ubuntu-server, then
install the packages manually for a _similar_ method to gentoo... but
I don't really see much point.
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