[ubuntu-uk] Kubuntu vs Ubuntu for new users

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Sep 16 17:41:33 BST 2007

Chris Rowson wrote:
> I promise, I'm not trolling!
> I've been moving users across from Windows to Linux for a while now,
> with - on the large - reasonable success. Because I use Gnome, and
> don't have much experience of using KDE, I've just always installed
> Ubuntu by default and not really given Kubuntu the time of day.
> Lately, I've demonstrated Ubuntu to some real computer novices who've
> commented "why is the start button at the top", and "why are there two
> bars at the top and bottom of the screen", who have then shaken their
> heads in disapproval at this deviation from the Windows norm!
> Kubuntu, I notice is much more similar to the interface they know and
> love, so it'd make sense that it'd be the best choice for migrating
> users from Windows. Is this true? Should I try using Kubuntu as novice
> users first Linux distro?

I have installed kde distros for new users who own the machines, and 
who will be supported personally by me as a friend. I use kde myself 
although not exclusively, and I still prefer it after a few years of 
being a newbie.

My personal preference is based in its feature rich menus. I tend to 
recommend it to real windows based newcomers who are intending to go 
it alone because it looks a bit more like the windows layout 
initially, and - the menus are feature rich. I believe there is 
probably slightly less need for command line use initially with 
kubuntu for example. (versions 7.04, say).

With my current experience level and modes of use I am more ready to 
appreciate gmone, and I use it more now than I used to.

I have a installed a few machines for a local charity - with edubuntu 
- (gnome) - and the users have not had any difficulty at all.

However, I will personally have to work harder to manage them because 
I have always preferred a non cl approach. It is not the end of the 
world though.

I note with special interest that a number of apparently most popular 
distros are kde based. Suse used to be kde by default, with an easy 
choice of gnome, there is now pclinuxos, mepis, and maybe others. This 
is not much of an analysis, but my impression is that kubuntu takes 
the user a little further away from the command line at least 
initially, than ubuntu does.
I still suggest kubuntu to real newcomers who will have no LUG support 
or seem as if they will shun cl, for that reason.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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