[ubuntu-uk] Redundency was Going back to the Dell deal...

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Mon Sep 10 22:37:06 BST 2007

Hmm Ok, that fairly well answers my post of a couple of minutes ago.

My only comment to the software load balancing, compensation clauses being
pushed out of sight for the moment, is that there are a number of clusters
out there run by various companies blah blah blah and they seem to use the
software with quite high efficiencies.  Now these clusters are sized from
the small 2 node jobs up to the 125+ ones.  In fact the most quoted common
concern appears to be that of both hardware failure and reliable backups.

Ok, Ian is leaving the house so you can get the compensation clause back out


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Alan Pope wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 21:28 +0100, Mark Harrison wrote:
>> Others may have a different opinion, and if they're prepared to
>> underwrite (with funds lodged in an escrow account) my company's loss of
>> income were we to have any downtime because of an Ubuntu failure, I'm
>> willing to read their support proposals :-)
> Do Cisco do that?
> :)
> Cheers,
> Al.
No, nor did I ask them to.... any more than I'd hold Canonical
responsible for use of Ubuntu in any place where their own consultants
hadn't specified it.

However, the VAR who installed the Cisco 11000s (the LBs that Cisco had
bought from Arrowpoint and re-branded) for us - THEY did :-)

And, indeed, the following year, I got £210,000 in compensation out of
them (not for the Load-Balancing, BTW, but for another "site not as
promised" claim).

I got a fairly good bonus that year :-) :-) Ah, the glory days of the
dot com boom, I miss them :-(

Of course, the supplier in question went into Chapter 11 shortly
afterwards, and never really came out of it (their assets are owned by
C&W now), but not because of that particularly warranty, I stress :-o


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