[ubuntu-uk] Niggly Problems

Mac Ammonius.Grammaticus at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 2 07:23:03 BST 2007

Ian >>> I only have suggestions for some of your issues...

Ian Pascoe wrote:
> B.  Cannot seem to get Movie Player to play DVDs, although I can see it in
> the file Explorer
> B1.  Can't play the extra features DVD for any of the Harry Potter's 

Commercial DVDs are encrypted/DRM-ed.  You may need the library for 
reading them. It's in the medibuntu repository, and is called 
libdvdcss2.  I had exactly the same problem with recent shop-bought 
DVDs;  installing the lib file solved it...

> C.  The system beep is through the desktop speaker and not the sound card

Open a console and type 'alsamixer'.  Use the left/right arrow keys to 
move between the columns;  tap the 'm' key to activate (00) - or mute 
(MM), but you don't want them to be muted!! - the selected channel. 
Adjust the 'volume' of the selected channel with the up/down arrows. 
Press Esc to quit.



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