[ubuntu-uk] Niggly Problems

Ian Pascoe softy.lofty.ilp at btinternet.com
Sat Sep 1 21:53:30 BST 2007

Hi Folks

My Ubuntu 7.04 is as per Live CD install - ie no added goodies or extras.
The desktop is about 5 years old now running an AMD 1.2GHz CPU with 1 Gb
RAM - a fairly bog standard system without any fiddly extras bolted on.

I have some niggles that I'd like to get rid of.  These are:

A.  still can't get my USB HD to auto mount or if it does to be able to
view/access it from the Gnome desktop.

B.  Cannot seem to get Movie Player to play DVDs, although I can see it in
the file Explorer
B1.  Can't play the extra features DVD for any of the Harry Potter's my
daughters have bought to watch with them this weekend.
(Through the Gnome GUI)

C.  The system beep is through the desktop speaker and not the sound card

Any pointers/help much appreciated to get rid of these niggles.  Although I
don't play on the command line normally, I'm not afraid to wonder there if
need be.



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