[ubuntu-uk] Broadband speeds and prices!

Jai Harrison jai at jaiharrison.com
Wed Oct 31 18:42:09 GMT 2007

Hey Vivacity Users,

I'm considering switching from BT Total Broadband to the  MAX Home
Allowance 30 GB (300 GB Off Peak) package but I'd like to know how the
service has been, exactly.

How do you rate the service in comparison with BT Total Broadband?
How smooth was the transition from BT?
Did they give you your "BT Mac Code" without any hassle?
How long were you left without a broadband connection?
Do I need to buy a new router and if so what?

Does anyone have any problems with Vivacity?



On 10/31/07, Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk> wrote:
> Tony Arnold wrote:
> > Rob,
> >
> > Rob Beard wrote:
> >
> >> I'm with Vivaciti (an Enta reseller) and I'm paying £30 a month inc
> >> VAT for 8mbit (this is an office connection so it has higher priority
> >> over home connections).  I get usage limits of 45GB peak time (8am to
> >> 8pm Monday to Friday) and 300GB off peak (after 8pm to 8am and all
> >> weekend).  Although there are limits they seem to be fairly flexible,
> >> if I go over the limit I only have to pay the difference between the
> >> package I'm on and the next package up, plus £5 + VAT admin charge.
> >> I'd rather have that than have my connection blocked or limited.  It's
> >> also a 30 day contract.  I'd suggest anyone interested in trying Enta,
> >> goto www.ukfsn.org as they're an Enta reseller with the same prices
> >> and they fund Free Software.  I know its not the cheapest connection
> >> but I've been stung with *cheap* providers and long contracts before.
> >
> > This looks interesting. Do you know if they throttle any protocols?
> > Pipex, for example, throttle BitTorrent to 20KB/s which makes it useless!
> >
> > I also assume the allowances are per month. Is there an interface that
> > tells you how much of your allowance you have used?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Tony.
> I easily get 700K/sec on things like Linux distro downloads on Bit
> Torrrent, I haven't noticed any throttling on anything else I use.
> There is an interface at http://billing.enta.net
> It gives you your peak time usage and your combined peak/off peak usage,
>   it's updated every night (at about 12am I think), so say if I checked
> my usage now it would display everything up to about 12am this morning,
> any bandwith used today won't show up until tomorrow.  Still it gives
> you a pretty good idea on how your usage stands.  I haven't gone over my
> limits yet, and Enta let you upgrade your package for free to the next
> level if it looks like you're going to go over your limits as long as
> you let them know before you go over.  IIRC you can also downgrade to a
> lower package for free too, although I think there is a £5 + VAT admin
> charge to change between a home and office connection (so if I wanted to
> move over to the Home Max connection from my Office Max connection I'd
> have to pay the £5 + VAT regrade fee), at least I'm pretty certain there
> is just a £5 + VAT charge.
> On the home packages you can get 30GB peak and 300GB off peak for about
> £20 inc VAT and I believe for £30 you can get 60GB peak and 330GB off
> peak (or something along those lines).  I went for the Office Max
> connection as I prefer the higher upload speed for things like my
> webmail which is hosted on my home server.  I usually schedule bit
> torrent downloads and big downloads to run in off-peak time, unless I
> have some allowance to use up near the end of the month and I'll leave
> it to run all day.
> Hope this helps.
> Rob
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