[ubuntu-uk] Broadband speeds and prices!

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Oct 31 18:58:45 GMT 2007

Jai Harrison wrote:
> Hey Vivacity Users,
> I'm considering switching from BT Total Broadband to the  MAX Home
> Allowance 30 GB (300 GB Off Peak) package but I'd like to know how the
> service has been, exactly.
> How do you rate the service in comparison with BT Total Broadband?

I haven't used BT Total Broadband so I can't fully comment, my previous 
ISP was AOL, but this was using ADSL from BT Wholesale (who sell IIRC 
provide broadband to BT Retail anyway).  In comparison to AOL it was 
MUCH better.  For the same monthly rental I had 4 times higher speeds.

> How smooth was the transition from BT?

My transition from AOL was seamless, it went over the day they said.

> Did they give you your "BT Mac Code" without any hassle?

Can't comment on that being an ex AOL customer.

> How long were you left without a broadband connection?

When I migrated it went over on the day, I was at work when it happened, 
all I did was setup the new username and password which was provided by 
Enta the night before, when I came back from work it was ready.  I think 
the transfer is pretty quick.

> Do I need to buy a new router and if so what?

I think you'll find the existing router will work.  I've had a play with 
a BT Voyager router and it gives you the option of entering a different 
username and password, it certainly doesn't appear to be locked into BT 
Total Broadband.

> Does anyone have any problems with Vivacity?

Nope, no problems yet.  I've been with them since March this year.


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