[ubuntu-uk] UbuCon UK Ideas

John Levin john at technolalia.org
Mon Oct 29 23:01:54 GMT 2007

Tony Arnold wrote:
> John,
> John Levin wrote:
>> As we've hit 12 people expressing interest in making an UbuCon UK
>> happen, I want to take the discussion of an UbuCon in the UK onward.
>> The fundamentals: When? Where? Who? What?
> And also how much? How do you see this working financially? With the
> ideas below we will need a sizeable venue with the right facilities
> which will cost money! Also if you want the stalls to look good, you
> probably want someone to build the stands. Will this be free entry or
> are we charging attendees?
> Regards,
> Tony.

Generally, I'd hope the event would be financed by sponsors and 
commercial stalls (Canonical, O'Reilly, the 3 UK Linux magazines - all 
this to be discussed). If Lug Radio Live can do it, then so can we - 
without getting swamped in Red Hat tshirts ;)

Entry charge? Probably, but it's got to be v. affordable. Lug Radio Live 
charged a fiver.



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