[ubuntu-uk] UbuCon UK Ideas

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Oct 29 23:07:01 GMT 2007


John Levin wrote:
> Tony Arnold wrote:
>> John,
>> John Levin wrote:
>>> As we've hit 12 people expressing interest in making an UbuCon UK
>>> happen, I want to take the discussion of an UbuCon in the UK onward.
>>> The fundamentals: When? Where? Who? What?
>> And also how much? How do you see this working financially? With the
>> ideas below we will need a sizeable venue with the right facilities
>> which will cost money! Also if you want the stalls to look good, you
>> probably want someone to build the stands. Will this be free entry or
>> are we charging attendees?
>> Regards,
>> Tony.
> Generally, I'd hope the event would be financed by sponsors and 
> commercial stalls (Canonical, O'Reilly, the 3 UK Linux magazines - all 
> this to be discussed). If Lug Radio Live can do it, then so can we - 
> without getting swamped in Red Hat tshirts ;)
> Entry charge? Probably, but it's got to be v. affordable. Lug Radio Live 
> charged a fiver.

We have conference facilities here at the University of Manchester. I
can make enquiries. It's run as a commercial venture so it will be close
to commercial prices.

On the location, my feeling is that if you run it in London people in
the far north of the country may miss out because of the travelling
time, so somewhere in the middle, I think would be better.

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