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Sean Miller sean at seanmiller.net
Mon Oct 29 13:04:03 GMT 2007

I think we are actually agreeing.  The start of this particular line of
conversation was somebody saying that Linux wasn't doing enough to make
installation of wireless cards simple and reliable... my point was that most
of the cards that I am using now appear to work pretty much "out of the box"
in Gutsy (and with some in Feisty, Edgy etc.) so I don't need to do the
whole ndiswrapper thing...

In fact, when I reinstalled my old laptop which had died for some years
after an unfortunate incident with a glass of wine and a fizzing motherboard
(!) I discovered that whilst Gutsy works 100% well straight away Windows XP
does anything but, arguing that the graphics card isn't the one it's
expecting but offering no advice on fixing it other than a "Browse" and a
suggestion to insert some sort of driver CD.

How's that helpful?

It makes me think that if Windows users actually had to occasionally install
their own OS they'd find Windows was significantly harder to make work than
Linux - it's therefore all a myth this concept that Windows is "easy"...
it's only "easy" because the "norm" is to buy a pre-installed PC !

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