[ubuntu-uk] Solid State hard disks?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Oct 27 16:27:44 BST 2007

Matthew Larsen wrote:
> SSD are very fast on spurious read / writes, but reading large files
> (or sequential reading) is very, very slow on them. Might be worth
> waiting until some stats come out about this before investing.
> Regards,

Would another option be to setup a machine as a network boot client 
(either running LTSP or a full Ubuntu install over a network)?

I setup an LTSP server running on an old Athlon 1400 with about 640MB 
memory, it worked really well with one of the clients being an old IBM 
Aptiva P2-233 and a second client being an old 333MHz iMac G3, both 
booting off the network.

Kept my kids happy, they could browse the net, play games and use things 
like Tuxpaint and I could also limit their usage to during the day.


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