[ubuntu-uk] Memory problems with Gutsy and OpenOffice

Douglas Campbell douglas_c_1876 at hotmail.co.uk
Sat Oct 27 09:12:43 BST 2007


This is my first post too from someone who is generally a very satisfied
convert to Ubuntu.

I have not had the difficulty you experienced with OpenOffice Cal but I
have encountered a problem using OpenOffice Draw on my Latitude X1.  The
program will not open any drawing and just goes into recover mode.

This is a problem as I have embedded some drawings on one chapter of my
thesis which I am trying to finish.

Sadly, the only way I can alter the drawings is by going to another
operating system.

Any comments or suggestions to solve this would be appreciated.


On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 00:33 +0100, les wrote:
> Hello,
> A first post by someone who has been lurking for some time, picking up 
> useful bits of information.
> I used Synaptic to upgrade from Feisty to Gutsy, and now find that 
> OpenOffice Calc slows right down and can freeze my computer after a few 
> minutes of use. Using System Monitor shows that memory usage climbs to 
> about 95% (of 512 Mb) whereupon things grind to halt with the hard drive 
>    running continuously. I had previously noticed that System Monitor 
> reported the swap size as 7.8 Mb, whereas I thought I had a swap 
> partition of something like 512 Mb, but I never bothered much about this 
> as there did not seem to be any problems when I was using Feisty - I 
> thought that maybe it was being reported wrongly. However, GParted 
> showed that the swap partition was only indeed about 8 Mb, and so I 
> increased it to about 512 Mb. However, the swap size still appears to be 
> only 8 Mb after re-booting and using
> 	sudo swapoff -a
> 	sudo swapon /dev/sdb5
> 	sudo swapon -s
> Any suggestions as to how I can get all the swap partition into use?
> Also, has anyone else had similar problems with OpenOffice and Gutsy? I 
> have used Google to try to find out about this, but although there are 
> some problems being reported, none of them seem to be related to mine. 
> So far I have re-installed OpenOffice Calc without any improvement, but 
> have still to try re-installing the whole OpenOffice suite.
> One other problem with the upgrade was that VMplayer no longer worked - 
> I had to uninstall it and download the latest version from the VMware 
> website to get it working again.
> Les.

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